This a changing living colors painting.


     By my expressive painting, this work tells a true story that I am telling you :


    Once upon a time,

    Florence and Pascal, a young couple.
    The Tree of Life of their love grew,
    Despite all the love and all the care of the Tree,
    Beautiful leaves appeared, but no fruit.
    Despite the efforts and assistance of specialists to help nature
    The quest for fruit remained a dream.

    Florence and Pascal decided to direct the branches of their Tree of Life to other horizons.
    "To catch the moon", it had to borrow difficult and tortuous ways.
    Years after the beginning of the quest,
    They had to travel all over the world to finally pick up their first fruit.
    This wonderful fruit, named Qui Si loaded them with happiness.

    The Tree continued to grow up in hope and the dream of a new fruit.
    "To catch the moon", it had to borrow again difficult and tortuous paths.
    Years after the beginning of this new quest
    They had again traveled the world to collect their second fruit.
    This wonderful fruit named Lilyang loaded them with Family Happiness.

    The Tree of Life continued to grow up...

    This is your story Florence, Pascal, Qui Si and Lilyang that inspired me to create this Painting.
    I named it "The DREAMS CATCHER"


    Gratienne VOISIN ELOY

    Blog : http://gve-artiste-peintre.eklablog.com







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